Why Choose Us?

Health Consciousness

Sock only policy – For hygienic reasons our pre-school indoor areas are strictly shoe-free and cannot be accessed barefoot.
All staff are trained in Health & Safety procedures, Child Protection & First Aid.


Each Child is provided a special biodata photo ID card which is swiped at the main entrance of the school before access is granted.
This means that parents of the LFY family is assured of total security at the highest level.

Equipped and Dedicated

Full Day Nursery and Flexibility (We are open from 7:30 am until 3:30 pm and offer a variety of after school pickup times). We have dedicated resources and dedicated Baby Classrooms with sleeping facilities, where we accept children from 3 months of age onward.

Safe & Age appropriate resources ‘No Mobile Phone’ policies.

Focused on child Development

Child development progress summaries shared regularly
Daily updates for parents
Regular newsletter & event reminders from the LFY family of Leaders
Regular Sessions with Parents and Professionals
Presentations from and collaborations with American Montessori Society (AMS) member schools

Our Facilities

Our classrooms are segregated by age. Every level of age has its own dedicated classroom for one academic year, that gives them a sense of security. The LFY family also meet together at a well decorated activity area for all age groups meet up. Our preschool has a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces which allows them to move around the preschool on a daily basis. We have common areas dedicated for the following-

Indoor Facilities Include;

• Simulation Room
• Robotics, Coding and Lego Room
• Dance & Movement Room
• Library
• Kiddie Gym with our indoor climbing wall

Outdoor Facilities Include;

• Dry playground for children between the age of 2 to 5
• Outdoor reading area and a playground for children under 2
• Dedicated Sand play area
• Messy Play zone and Sensory Play zone
• Discovery Garden
• Cycling Track
• Dedicated athletics area for teaching multiple sports from a young age (Football, Ring Gauge Zone)